Be Versatile to Succeed as Blogger

Promote your blog? How exactly? It’s not that hard to write an engaging blog. What people need to know is what to do with the blog.
The writer was clearly frustrated. He or she wanted a formula. A magic bullet. A wave of the wand that had not been delivered during a 30-minute webinar. The problem…

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Talking Journalism in the Math Building

Robert De Niro got lots of attention last May when he told graduates of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts they were screwed.

The verb he used was actually harsher, and followed by the suggestion that they would have done better majoring in law, medicine or nursing. The grads resp…

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Note to Twitter: Keep it Brief

Some argue that social media has set back our writing and speaking skills and blasted our attention spans back to the Stone Age. Grammar? Punctuation? Proper abbreviations? Who cares, right?

Maybe. But communication coaches, writing instructors, and others who deal daily with clients and stud…

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