The Messaging Arsenal – Tips 1-5

Success for the self-published author begins with a well-written, marketable product, innovative application of new media tools, and the discipline to plan and stick with a rigorous game plan.

Here are five tips that can separate you from the pack.

1 – Build a map. Find readers from as many states as possible. Get them to read your first 50 pages, and then send back their: name, city, state, head shot, and one positive  line about your book. Use Google maps to create a free map of the U.S. on your site, and plant pushpins to display the groundswell of support already underway. The Bella reader  map is at:

2 – Hitch up a trailer. People like videos, so take your story, reduce it to half a dozen plot points, and find yourself a good videographer. Work together on a script and storyboard, and then get out of the way. The payoff can be substantial. Our trailer greets you on the homepage of

3 – Massage your links. Take extra advantage of sites that let you shorten long links by adding a customized message. When steering readers to the Bella Amazon page, I used:

4 – Add art to your excerpts. Every author lets you peek inside the cover. Sweeten the deal by illustrating your excerpts. It looks great and helps separate you from the clutter. Here’s what I mean:

5 – Make it personal. Your family loves you, but to prospective readers, you’re just another salesman. Add a personal touch with an author video. You can talk about your muse, the main character or pretty much anything else so long as it’s short (2 minutes max), and engaging. Here’s mine:

Stay tuned for tips 6-10, and if you have other good ideas, please share!


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