Handshakes and Headaches in NY

Three days, two grand, and many smiles, headaches and handshakes later, the Book Expo in New York is now over.

Was it worth it? Well, it’s not like going out to dinner, where you know the answer straight away. It’s more like an investment.

The payoff, if it comes at all for the self-published author, will arrive later in the form of  sales, reviews, and visibility.

The good news is that the crowds – 25,000 book industry people passed through the Javits Center over three days – were happy and energized. Reading is still popular enough to draw people willing to stake out places in line before the Expo opened in hopes of getting free books or meeting a popular author.

Many also seemed more than willing to take a look at Indie authors who stood proud in the shadow of the big publishing houses. And while no one from the big houses looked particularly worried, the fact is that publishing is changing. Technology has made it possible for authors to reach out to readers with no middlemen in between.

New York is always a tricky city to navigate; even getting into town is a production. And then of course you have to get out. Bookend headaches. How appropriate. On the other hand, the time in between arrival and departure was filled with signs that suggest the investment could pay off. Now we wait and see.

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  1. Rey Ybarra said,

    Wrote on June 6, 2011 @ 5:49 pm

    How was the expo? Let me know your thoughts if it was worth the time and investment. Also, looks like you have an interesting novel!



    stevepiacente Reply:

    Hi Rey,
    Definitely worth it. How much? Jury’s still out. Will be posting more on the subject right here. Please stay tuned.


  2. D.J. Parsons said,

    Wrote on February 14, 2013 @ 6:42 pm

    No. Only a place for fun, and drinks. You must build a platform. Check out Kristen Lamb’s blog and WANA.com for writers.


    Steve Piacente Reply:

    Thanks for coming by, D.J. I disagree that the trade show is only for fun and drinks, but also agree that you shouldn’t bother unless you’ve already built a foundation to market your work.


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