Free Webinar – Should Indies Invest in Trade Shows?

7:30 p.m., 4/25:

Team Bella at 2011 NY BookExpo

All self-publishers reach a tricky point where decisions have to be made about spending money. Paid advertising is expensive and as alluring to the aspiring author as Eve was to Adam. We should all pause to remember how that one ended.

A cottage industry has sprung up populated by clever pitchmen (and women) who will get you noticed – for a fee. They know how badly you yearn to be a popular author and will happily create your press release, book trailer, web site and a dozen other slick products.

Some are better than others, and frankly, without some good publicity, even the great classics of yesteryear might have been colossal trees that fell unnoticed in the forest.

Today’s writers have the luxury of social media tools that enable direct contact with millions of prospective readers. While posting is lightning fast, sales can be painfully slow. While you’re waiting, Eve is smiling from the corner with that luscious apple. So tempting, right?

Bella’s path to market has been relatively low cost. Last spring, however, there was a huge book expo in New York City. I took the plunge and invested about $2,000 in a booth on Writers’ Row at the Javits Center, where 25,000 visitors passed over three days. The “visitors” were folks from the book, movie and other associated industries.

In this free webinar, I will talk about my experiences and explain why I’m headed back to New York in June for a second bite of the (Big) Apple.



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  1. MCV EGAN said,

    Wrote on May 2, 2012 @ 3:32 pm

    This is impressive and very true I will check out Bella…it is true that there are just so many ways to spend money to promotte and hard to tell which is the best venue…:)
    Thanks for sharing, great post.
    M.C.V. Egan


    Steve Piacente Reply:

    Hey, M.C.V., sorry, this wound up in spam. Thanks for your comment and for checking out Bella. Much appreciated!


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