Trade Show Takeaway: Be Open, Friendly to Score Free Perks

So I’m minding my business at BookExpo America, the behemoth of book industry trade shows, held annually in New York City. Well, not exactly minding my business, but trying to catch the attention of every passerby who would listen to a pitch about my next novel. Suddenly I’m being pitched by a company that’s producing a documentary about self-publishing. Interesting, I’m thinking as she spoke, but not why I invested two grand in a booth at BEA. A moment later, I reconsidered.  We chatted a few minutes,  and then I agreed to do a short interview. My reward was a clip of the segment, to do with whatever I chose. My choice at the moment is to share it here, and to ask: Have you ever veered a little off your literary marketing course and received a nice bonus for your trouble?

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  1. Jack Durish said,

    Wrote on June 21, 2012 @ 3:56 pm

    That’s what trade shows are for, opportunities, and you made good use of this one. Let me add one thought. Always have at least two people, one to man the booth and the other to man the aisle in front of it to act as a speed bump and maybe direct traffic.


    Steve Piacente Reply:

    I’m going to raise you one, Jack. My adventure at BEA suggests that two extra folks is optimal. A lot of times you need one person along on the interview to help with everything from wardrobe adjustments to taking photos. The third person, as you suggest, stays back at the booth. One case where more is more. Thanks for your comment!


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