Turn on Key Messages for TV Interviews

Natasha Barrett has mastered the art of interviewing.

When you get five minutes on talk TV, you don’t think much about who’s going on before you, even if she’s wearing winged shoes.

Nope, if you’re an author with a new novel, you’re reminding yourself to be brief, to smile, and to work in something memorable about your story. Bootlicker, I rehearsed in my head: A dark secret, a historic election … Some choices we make, some are made for us; we have no say. Or do we?

It wasn’t until I was in the on-deck circle at Let’s Talk Live, waiting for my turn with energetic host Natasha Barrett, that I took a good look at RAtheMC, an up-and-coming rapper from Largo, MD. She was indeed wearing a leopard jacket, tight jeans and striped sneakers with wings.

I looked down. Such footwear would not have gone with my black suit, and I’ve always gone more for solids than patterns, so no leopard anything for me.

RAtheMC took full advantage of her time, talking about her career and music, and all the exciting things going on in her life. I found myself tapping along (in black dress shoes) as her video played in the background.

A quick commercial break followed, and then I was on.

Natasha was the ideal interviewer, making our five minutes more of a conversation than a guest appearance. She led me into my key messages about Bootlicker, and even got us into a quick chat about using history as a foundation for fiction.

I didn’t pay attention to the guy who was next, but sent silent wishes that he would continue on the same path traveled by the winged sneakers and black dress shoes that went before him. Watch the clip below!



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