Dog of Gold Boosts Author Pinterest Page

Author Steve Piacente with Golden Retriever Merlyn

Pinterest dog lovers like “Workout Buddies.”

A little while back, I posed a question about mixing personal and professional on Pinterest.

All but one of my boards relate to my two novels, Bella and Bootlicker or to my adventures in self-publishing. The exception is “Dog of Gold.”

As I wrote in the first post, before any of our (now adult) children arrived, we got a dog. Now, I know people love to talk about their dogs. And people with dogs and kids? Settle in; you’re going to spend a lot of time listening.

I’m no exception. Merlyn was one of the special dogs, a brilliant, athletic Golden with, well, you get the idea. There are times these many years later that I still miss him. (Don’t worry, I miss the kids too now that they’ve moved away, but that’s another post).

My question was whether the doggy board was undermining my brand. I asked if it belonged in another collection, or if I should keep it with the author boards.

The unanimous response was to leave it alone. Those who offered that advice look pretty smart right now. One of the pins – a picture of Merlyn after a day at the dog beach – has already been re-pinned 25 times. Photos from my other boards are starting to get some traction as well.

Authors should be on Pinterest because women love the site, and women happen to buy the most books. Plus they apparently love dogs. Be assured that a handsome canine will turn up in my next novel.

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