Use the News & Seasons to Spur Book Sales

Use news and seasons to push sales

Use news and seasons to push sales

If people spoke about your book the way they spoke about the news and seasons, you’d be high atop the bestseller lists laughing down at the rest of us.

Put that last part aside and think about how much conversation takes place about headlines, weather and holidays.

Why not leverage all that chatter in your marketing? As a former newspaperman, I’m constantly trying to link my novels to the hottest front-page stories. For instance, when the political scene heats up, I tell readers that Bootlicker will take readers “where C-SPAN is never invited – to back rooms where deals are cut, futures are plotted, and where right and wrong are not so easily defined.”

Maybe your story ties in to a desperate health crisis, or looks at life from the point of view of an oppressed people.  Does your novel include a horrific weather event? An oppressive regime? An official charged with driving drunk? A construction accident? A gay marriage? All of these scenarios come from current headlines.

I’ve also got an eye on the calendar, and a forthcoming tag line I hope will attract some attention: Stick a boot in someone’s stocking this holiday season.”

Try this. It’s fun and effective. And if you’re already at it, please share your top hits.

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