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5 Ways Authors Can Pump Up the Volume

Neighborhood "libraries:" another way to meet readers

Neighborhood “libraries:” another way to meet readers

The lure of social media is powerful, particularly for artists, authors and other creative types who’d rather produce than promote.

Technology has made it possible to talk, influence, monitor and interact without leaving the comfort (and security) of your cozy home office. How efficient.

Here’s what’s missing: eye contact, handshakes (including an occasional high five or fist bump), body language, plus the opportunity to explain your work face to face, with the genuine passion that forges bonds far stronger than those generated by a like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter.


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Former Facebook Exec Prescribes Digital Detox

Don't wreck the night. Get off your phone.

Don’t wreck the night. Get off your phone.

There’s some irony in Randi Zuckerberg, former marketing director for Facebook, advising us on how to untangle our personal and online lives. Do we really need a book to tell us to put the phone away at dinner? Read what she has to say, and please weigh in yourselves, in my latest News for Thought column.



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Takeaways from 3 Stunning Social Media Blunders

Make a mistake, we dare you ...

Make a mistake, we dare you …

Technology has put a huge club in the hands of every smart phone owner. Corporate errors become tsunami-sized disasters in minutes, thanks to savvy social media users.

Sometimes it seems like people are waiting for the next mistake. How do you stay safe? And what are the keys to a fast recovery during a crisis? Here are a few stories, plus lessons learned.

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